Wind Energy
We offer 2k formulations for applications in
Extreme harsh environments

Elemental Coatings' anti-icing solution is currently being tested on wind farms in Canada and China. Our coatings were selected based on the successful outcome in a third-party Ice Wind Tunnel Test, where we reduced ice accumulation by a factor of FOUR, greatly improving the aerodynamics of the blade in icing conditions. As you watch the video, notice the ice-shedding events which help prevent large chunks of ice from forming before being thrown off - thereby reducing ice throw risks during ice shedding events.

Our 2K coating systems are specially formulated for each unique application. Contact us to find out how our 2K coating system can help you prevent ice accumulation, reduce downtime, decrease safety related accidents, and cut maintenance costs.

For wind turbine applications that may not be exposed to extreme harsh environments (e.g. maintenance at the tower stairway), consider our 1K coating solutions which have successfully passed a number of ASTM specifications, including the following:

- ASTM D522:     Mandrel Bend Test of Attached Organic Coatings
- ASTM D2247:   Water Resistance of Coatings 100% Relative Humidity
- ASTM D3359:   Rating Adhesion by Tape Test
- ASTM D4060:  Abrasion Resistance of Organic Coatings by the Taber Abraser
- ASTM D5402:  Solvent Resistance of Organic Coatings Using Solvent Rubs
- ASTM D6905:  Impact Flexibility of Organic Coatings