Our Technology
How it works

We rely on clever physics and a concept known as "stress localization" to make our products work. Due to the unique mechanical properties of our coating, whenever solids like ice or scale deposit and grow on a surface, our coating induces stress in the deposit at the microscopic scale, causing it to crack and fall away.

We are not a superhydrophobic coating, we do not rely on nanoscale texture or extremely thin films, and we do not use exotic or harmful chemicals (e.g., fluorine).

We do manufacture coatings that look, feel, and function like normal paints that can be sprayed or brushed onto surfaces. We also have a coating that, first and foremost, emphasizes durability. Our coatings have passed aerospace rain erosion tests. Our coatings have performed in harsh winter conditions around Japanese rail infrastructure. What can our coatings do for you?

Products overview

There are two main product versions we offer: Ice-Lite 1000 and Ice-Lite 2000 series coatings. Ice-Lite 1000 is a 1K coating system that comes in a rubberized version which is good for many general applications. It is also available in a more durable polyurethane-based coating good for more demanding applications. Ice-Lite 2000 is a 2K coating system meant for industrial applications where harsh environments are common. Please see our product brochure below for a more detailed description of our products and their properties. A PDF version of the brochure is available here.

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