We're working with partners and customers across a number of applications

Industries served

Ice causes delays at airports and safety and environmental issues for aircraft. We've worked with a number of the largest aerospace companies, suppliers, and customers in developing anti-icing solutions for wings and engine components. Applications are in commercial, military, UAV, and private aircraft.
Energy and infrastructure
Applications include protection of generation assets (wind turbines) and transmission lines from ice buildup. Scale buildup in evaporators, heat exchangers, pipelines, and wells can cause significant issues in oil & gas and other liquids processing industries. We're working with leading wind power companies, energy companies, and materials processing companies.
Ice buildup on automobiles and trucks is both dangerous and wasteful. Trains and railcars are more difficult to maintain and are routinely delayed by ice buildup around bridges and tunnels. We're working with some of the leading rail companies in the US and Asia to improve on-time rates and overall system performance.
Ships can become top-heavy when ice accumulates on the deck. Biofouling on the hulls leads to higher shipping costs.
Tens of thousands of lost workday injuries occur annually in the US due to slip-and-falls on ice. We can improve walkway and stairway safety.
Ice causes issues all around the home, from slippery stairs, to dangerous ice accumulation on rooftops, to blocked/clogged pipes and drains.
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